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7 drivers involved in accident at Monticello

June 03, 2013

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Seven drivers were involved in a racing accident at Monticello Raceway on Monday afternoon. Only one of the eight trotters in the race finished and the race which was declared a non contest by the judges and all wagers were refunded.

The accident occurred during the second race. Get The Money, driven by Jimmy Marohn (Sr.), stumbled and fell in front of the trailing six horses. All drivers, except Jimmy Marohn Jr., who was on the lead with Halfpipe, were involved in the accident.
Bruce Aldrich Jr., carded to drive Tracys Song-- the mare with 17 consecutive victories-- in the 12th race, will not drive her today.

Two of the drivers were taken by ambulance to the local hospital while others were checked out at the track.  Jimmy Marohn, Jr. voluntarily removed himself from all of his remaining mounts for the day.

Two other drivers, Jimmy Taggart Jr. and Jimmy Devaux, who competed in the second race, were able to drive in the third race on the card. (Monticello Raceway)

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