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Auckland Reactor ready to qualify

April 22, 2010

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Kelvin Harrison reports that just days before the long awaited qualifying debut of Auckland Reactor, the pride of New Zealand is, “doing great. He looks fantastic and came out of the winter in super shape.”

Although Harrison has been very pleased with the son of Mach Three’s adjustments to life in New Jersey at Magical Acres in Chesterfield, he has added something new to the horse’s routine. Auckland Reactor receives treatment in a hyperbaric chamber three times a week at a nearby Walnridge Farm in Cream Ridge, New Jersey.

“He started developing some allergies,” said Harrison. “He had a lot of mucous. I have allergies myself so I know how much they can bother you. I send him and several other horses in my barn out for treatment a few times a week and it has really helped them. With him, I’m just trying to stay ahead of it with him.”

The New Zealand native added that undetected allergies could have played a part in some of Auckland Reactor’s lackluster efforts in big races. “I know they thought he was flipping his palate but at the time of some of those races it was very hot and humid. His caretaker, Jeremy Young, told me that he had a very heavy discharge there. So I would say he definitely has allergy related respiratory problems, which we’re taking care of.”

The millionaire pacer’s training program has continued on course. “I trained him a mile and a half in 3:01 with a last mile in 1:58 and a last half in: 56 to the bike,” said Harrison, adding that the plan is to qualify at the Meadowlands on April 29. “I’ve been watching the horses he’ll be racing against. I expect good horses to show up and for him to prove himself and be at the top of his game.”

One person who might not be on hand for the qualifier is Auckland Reactor’s longtime caretaker Jeremy Young. “He had to go home for a few weeks to get his working papers in order,” said Harrison. “While he was there I bought a very nice mare named Joyful Joy. She’s a 5-year-old daughter of Mach Three who has really done well down there. She was supposed to fly back this week, but as a result of flights all over the world being delayed because of the volcano erupting in Iceland, her flight and Jeremy’s return will be delayed.”

Harrison said that Joyful Joy, who won the$200,000 New Zealand equivalent of the sire stake final in 2009, was purchased by his longtime owner Joe Alflen. Harrison and Alflen’s most high profile performer was Direct Flight a winner of over $800,000 in the 1990s.


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