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Back spasm sidelines Manzi

May 12, 2007

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A back injury will keep Hall of Fame driver Cat Manzi sidelined for at least several days and forced him to sit on the sidelines as Artistic Fella competed in the Graduate prep Saturday night at the Meadowlands.
After Friday night’s seventh race, Manzi removed himself from the rest of his drives at the Meadowlands, complaining of excruciating back pain.  He was rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center and was released early Saturday morning.
“As far as we know, there\'s nothing torn or broken in his back,” said Manzi’s wife, Ellen.  “It looks like it might have been one giant muscle spasm. Last night, when he took off his last few drives, he was hunched over bad and could barely walk.”
Manzi was involved in a spill earlier in the week at Yonkers Raceway.  In Monday night’s fifth race at Yonkers, Manzi was unseated by his mount, Gustavo N, setting off a chain reaction in which David Miller was also dumped out his sulky.  Miller injured his hand, but resumed driving duties on Saturday night at the Meadowlands.
“I think this is a direct result of his accident Monday at Yonkers,” said Ellen Manzi.  “In that race, he was pushed forward in the bike pretty good.  He\'s doing OK.  He\'s got a heating pad on the area.  Sometimes you need to be forced to do something, and in this case, forced to take some time off.  I would say he\'s out for a few days.  Thursday would be the earliest he\'ll be back.\"
Ellen Manzi is due to give birth this weekend. “It could be today,” she said, “or maybe tomorrow, for a nice Mother’s Day surprise.  But it won\'t go any later than the 25th.  They\'ll induce labor at that point if I get to that day.\" (Meadowlands press release) 
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