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Best beaten time added to USTA Pathway

July 19, 2018

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After adding Best Beaten Times to all U.S. Trotting Association pedigrees for horse sales, the USTA has announced that Best Beaten Times also will now be included in multiple Pathway reports.

"We are continuing the USTA’s commitment to provide more expansive, online harness racing data by adding horses’ Best Beaten Times to multiple Pathway reports, including times on different size tracks in the Horse Performance Report," said USTA Executive Vice President and CEO Mike Tanner. 

Best Beaten Times are displayed if they are faster than the horse's lifetime record or if the horse doesn't have a record. 

The Best Beaten Time is selected from any mile race that the horse finished but did not win. Best Beaten Times are shown for horses foaled in 1990 or later and are designated with the abbreviation BT or in a separate column in a report. 

This information, which was added to USTA sale pedigrees beginning last week, is now included in the following Pathway reports (click the link to see a sample):

• A racehorse in the Horse Performance Report

• Dam’s offspring in the Dam Breeding Report

• Sire’s offspring in the Foal Listing for Sire 

• Broodmare sires in the Foal Listing for Broodmare Sire 

Additionally, the Horse Performance Report now also includes a horse’s best times on the different track sizes that the horse raced on during its career. Both fastest win times and Best Beaten Times by track size are now available. All times are only for races at the standard mile distance.

In addition, easy-to-use hyperlinks to race replay videos or full charts of those races are also available in Pathway. 

To access any of these reports, users must have a Pathway account. There is no charge to set up an account. In addition to these and other free reports, users also can purchase a wide variety of Standardbred performance and pedigree reports.

To create a Pathway account, click here or on the Pathway tab on the USTA website

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