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Betting Line tests clean; Jug purse to be paid

October 11, 2016

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WSYX TV in Columbus, Ohio, has reported that post-race tests done on all starters in the Sept. 22 Little Brown Jug at Delaware, including winner Betting Line, have come back clean, thus the purse money will now be paid out.
The $577,000 in total purse money was held by the Ohio State Racing Commission (OSRC) until the testing process was completed. As a result of suspicious texts discovered on a lost cell phone early on Jug Day, Sept. 22, at Delaware, Ohio, admittedly being sent by trainer Casie Coleman to an assistant, the OSRC launched an investigation into allegations of possible infractions. While some believe the texts implied Coleman was treating Betting Line in some illegal fashion, she explained the horse is fed vanilla yogurt twice daily for digestive issues.

While the Jug purse is now being distributed, the OSRC investigation is still ongoing. Owners of some of the horses that started in the Jug have contacted an attorney about filing suit against the OSRC for its handling of the matter.

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