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Big numbers at Meadows

June 12, 2007

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On the heels of two successful \"charity nights\" at the new slots area at The Meadows, the Pennsylvania racetrack opened to the public Monday morning and, according to track officials, approximately 1,000 persons were on hand for the opening and the daily expected average of 10,000 was reached in about 11 hours.
The 1,738 slot machines in the temporary facility are expected to average more than $300 a day. If the two test runs are any indication, that figure might have to be adjusted upward a bit.
In numbers announced Monday, $2,930,008.50 was wagered in the machines, with $2,659,792.37 returned to the players. The gross revenue for the two charity events was $270,216.13, with the 55-percent tax coming out to $148,619.87.
The operator\'s share--45 percent--came to $121,597.26, which went to the Greater Washington County Food Bank and The Washington Hospital.
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