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Blaze hits Brodeur sulky building in Quebec

February 29, 2016

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Standardbred Canada's Trot Insider has reported that Brodeur Sulky company in Quebec had its facility destroyed by fire on Friday.
"It's discouraging but it's not ending there. We're insured and I'm still interested," said the 67-year-old Fernand Brodeur, owner of Brodeur Sulky and Pepin Harness, in an interview with Paul Delean for Standardbred Canada'sTrot Insider.
Brodeur could recall only one setback on a similar scale in the history of the enterprise. "The closing of Blue Bonnets."
Brodeur said he made about 60-100 standardbred sulkies and a couple of hundred jog carts each year, and did repairs. The business employed up to 15 people.
"I thought it would be small because there was no visible smoke on my short drive there but arriving you could see it was bigger than expected," Brodeur said. "It happened at night, when nobody was there, so at least that was fortunate."
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