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Case has parole transfered to NY, hopes for NY or Pa. license

February 20, 2009

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The New York Daily News is reporting Friday that Walter Case Jr., who was released from an Ohio prison last year after serving more than four years for felony assault, has been approved for a parole transfer to New York. Case, who resumed his driving career immediately following his release at Plainridge Racecourse in Massachusetts, told writer Dave Little that he hopes to gain a license to race in New York and/or Pennsylvania.

Case will stay with his brother, trainer Tim Case, while in New York. Case will likely return to Plainridge to race when that track opens its 2009 season in three weeks.

\"Plainridge opens up three weeks from Monday and I\'m looking forward to racing there,\" Case told Little. \"But I\'m hopeful of getting licensed in New York or Pennsylvania.\"


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