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Case will face extra scrutiny to receive license

January 03, 2012

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Questions about the possible licensing of Walter Case Jr. so he can resume driving horses have recently surfaced, but racing commission staff in at least a couple of states said Case will have to do more than simply file an application for a license. The U.S. Trotting Association has received his application for membership, but he must be licensed by individual states in order to drive.
In New Jersey, Case’s “entire background” will be reviewed. A New Jersey Racing Commission staff member also confirmed that quite a few years ago Case applied for a license in the state and was rejected because of his racing penalty history, which includes an indefinite suspension in New Jersey in 1993 and a positive test for an illegal substance in New York in 1993.
Penalty history has also become a review matter for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, and a spokesperson said Case would have to “come before a license review panel.”
In Ohio, if Case submits a licensing application he also must appear before the Ohio State Racing Commission before the commission will consider licensing him. An application for a training license in 2004 was initially denied and he was given notice for an opportunity for a hearing, but he then withdrew his application.--harnessracing.com
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