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Deadlines for Pennsylvania eligibility

November 14, 2019

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Horsemen must remember two important February deadlines to maintain eligibility in the Pennsylvania Breeders Fund Award Program and Pennsylvania Sire Stakes Program.


The State Horse Racing Commission Bureau of Standardbred Horse Racing today announced that owners must register their stallions for the 2020 breeding season by February 1. Additionally, owners looking to register their broodmares for the Breeders Fund Award Program must have their mares registered as Pennsylvania residents by February 15 to ensure their foals are eligible for the breeder awards.


A stallion must remain in the state at a declared facility from February 15 to July 4. Breeding can take place within a couple of weeks of either date. If a stallion is intended to be both a stud and a race horse in 2020, approval must be gained from the Bureau of Standardbred Horse Racing. If the horse competes out-of-state, the horse must return to his declared Pennsylvania facility after each out-of-state race.


Broodmares whose owners want them to qualify for resident status must submit registration to the commission office in Harrisburg postmarked by February 15, 2020. Broodmares must reside in Pennsylvania for at least 180 consecutive days, including foaling, and be in foal to a registered Pennsylvania stallion for their offspring to be eligible for breeder awards. No registered broodmare is authorized to leave the state for any reason during that 180 days, except for a medical emergency. If that occurs, the commission must be notified as soon as possible.


Stallion Registration Forms and Breeders Fund Registration Forms are available online at agriculture.pa.gov or by contacting Ryan Kell at 717-214-9053 or rkell@pa.gov.

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