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Deadlines coming up for breedings

February 11, 2015

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Stallion service auctions are underway to benefit the Harness Racing Museum and New Vocations Race Horse Adoption Program.
New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program's 17th annual stallion auction is currently in progress and ends at 2 pm Friday,Feb. 13. The auction is taking place online at http://www.ongait.com/. Breedings to Conway Hall, Western Ideal, A Rocknroll Dance, Deweycheatumnhowe, Dragon Again, Big Bad John, and Crazed are among the 75 seasons offered. All proceeds go to rehab, retrain, and rehome Standardbreds that are leaving the track. Click here to view the auction in progress. For more information call (937) 947-4020 or email dot@horseadoption.com.
Breedings to benefit the Harness Racing Museum have a Feb. 14 deadline, which is the last day to bid on an outstanding roster of stallions whose services have been donated to the Harness Racing Museum for the 2015 season. New arrivals to this list include trotters Break The Bank K, and full brothers Detour Hanover and Hall of Fame inductee Donato Hanover (2014). Recently added pacing sires are Corner Blitz, Nuclear Breeze, Pass The Deck and So Surreal.
For the Harness Racing Museum, the complete list by state and gait (trotters in italics):
Trotters: Break The Bank K, Cash Hall, Jurgen Hanover, Stormin Normand, Triumphant Caviar, Valley Victor
Pacers: Big Bad John, Charley Barley, Cheyenne Rei, Dragon Again, McArdle, Mister Big, Panspacificflight, Running Book, Shark Gesture, Western Vintage, We Will See, Woodstock, Yankee Cruiser
Trotters: Detour Hanover, Donato Hanover, Winning Mister
Pacers: I Am A Fool, May I Say, Pass The Deck, Tuffofthetoughest
Trotters: Conway Court, Lucky Chucky, Manningly
Pacers: Heston Blue Chip, Lislea, So Surreal
Trotters: Angus Hall, Glidemaster, Holiday Road
Pacers: Betterthancheddar, Big Jim
Trotters: Charlie DeVie, Four Starz Robro, Groton Hall, Holy Guacamolie
Pacers: Nuclear Breeze, The Fraternity Pan, Totally Western, Up Front Charlie
Trotters: Encore Encore, Guccio
Pacers: Always A Virgin, Proper Respect
Trotter: CR Commando
Pacer: Dream Away
Pacer: If I Can Dream
Trotter: Colie's
Pacer: Manhardt
Pacers: Corner Blitz, Yankee Skyscaper

For additional information on the auction, to donate breedings, or to receive a complete list of stallions and conditions for bidding, please contact Joanne Young at (845) 294-6330, development@harnessmuseum.com or visit www.harnessmuseum.com, where updates will also be posted. All bids are confidential and must be postmarked by Saturday, Feb. 14.

Some breedings have minimum bids that must be honored and may require approval of mares. Please contact Joanne for these details. We presently have two breedings for each of the following: Charlie De Vie, Valley Victor, Heston Blue Chip, Woodstock and Yankee Cruiser. Breedings not receiving acceptable bids will be available Feb. 16.

The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame is located at 240 Main Street in Goshen, N.Y. and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last tour 4 p.m.). Thanks to USTA support, the Museum is currently offering free admission for walk-in visitors and group docent-guided tours at a minimal charge per person. For additional information about the Museum, its membership program, special events and educational programs please call (845) 294-6330 or visit http://www.harnessmuseum.com/.

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