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Does Tracys Song have triskaidekaphobia?

April 19, 2013

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Tracys Song, the 8-year-old pacing mare who leads North America in races won this season with 12, will seek her 13th consecutive victory when she starts from the pole position in the 11th and final race on the card at Monticello Raceway on Monday afternoon, April 22.
For the most part, superstitious people have been known steer clear of the number 13. Many buildings even refrain from having a 13th floor and 13 has been considered to be an unlucky number for centuries. Fear of the number 13 has a specifically recognized phobia, Triskaidekaphobia, a word which was coined in 1911.
However, Tracys Song's trainer, Bob Lounsbury will have nothing to do with that superstition when his pupil seeks her 13th win.
"I won't be afraid that Tracys Song will be jinxed when she races on Monday afternoon,” Lounsbury said when asked if 13 might be an unlucky number for her. "I'm going on record that we'll win again and Bruce (Aldrich Jr. her driver) feels confident, too.
"I was in South Carolina last week and wasn't here when she raced but Bruce said she's never been better and that the week in the paddock did her a world of good.”
Lounsbury may sound somewhat confident, or maybe cocky might be a better word, but he believes in Tracys Song.
"We've got the pole and we're back in the same class and we've beaten everyone in the race last week by six lengths from the eight hole,” he added. "Barring any unforeseen problems things should be even easier from the pole this week.”
Told that his confidence may not go over so well with the others in the race he added philosophically, "Well, we could get beat but if we do I'd certainly be surprised.”
Tracys Song was purchased for $4,000 last winter by Nancy Fugere of Westbrookville, N.Y. on the recommendation of her trainer Lounsbury.
Should she win again Tracys Song's next challenge will be the Monticello Raceway all-time record of 15 wins in a row set in 2010 by Northern Chief, who was driven by Mike Merton. (Monticello)
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