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Driver on recovery road

February 10, 2005

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Driver Jeff Gregory told The Horseman Thursday morning that a doctor's appointment the previous day went as good as could be expected and that hip-replacement surgery will likely not be in his future. Gregory has been out of action since being hurt in a race accident at Freehold Jan. 14, suffering a broken hip.

"The x-ray showed that the bone hadn't moved a bit since my x-ray two weeks ago," said Gregory. "The doctor said if there was going to be a problem it would have been deteriorating more. That's what we were worried about: the bone dying. He was a lot more positive.

"It's looking for not having a hip replacement and that's a big relief for me. It wasn't something I was looking forward to."

Gregory said his next trip to the doctor will come in three weeks, and if he continues to improve, he will be able to start putting some pressure on it. He is currently walking with the aid of crutches. Still, don't expect to see the 38 year old back in the sulky anytime soon.

"Like any doctor, he said I was totally not out of the woods but that I'd probably be fine," said Gregory. "He said I was probably still looking at a couple more months (before resuming driving). I told him I wasn't worried about the time, I was worried about the healing. A month here or there is no big deal for me."

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