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Enhanced offset bike debuts

April 24, 2004

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Although there were plenty of stars competing in the qualifiers Saturday morning (April 24) at the Meadowlands, it wasn't a horse that was the main attraction. Rather, it was a new version of an offset sulky that drew the most attention.

A newer, improved version of the Advantage offset sulky, called the Advantage 6.8 (the original version of the bike produced by Evolution Racing is called Advantage 6.3), was on display in the paddock at the Meadowlands while the qualifers were going on. Actually, two bikes that had arrived just that morning at the Big M were looked over: a light blue one and a purple one that belonged to trainer Mark Harder.

Harder, who planned on using the 6.8 Saturday night for the first time, pointed out to The Horseman a few differences in the newer bike from the original, most notably that the wheel snapped on and was constructed together as one piece connected through the stay to the sulky.

It was quite a spectacle as the bikes were poked and prodded by horseman after horseman as the morning races went on. Brian Sears, who purchased his own Advantage 6.3 earlier this year, played with the wheels and quipped, "I just might have to trade up."

Dan Dube poked at them also. Others who checked out the new sulkies included Robbie Siegelman, Brett Pelling, Jim Marohn Jr., Chris Ryder, Trond Smedshammer, Per Henriksen and Ron Gurfein, who had just shipped north from his Florida winter base the day before.
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