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Faraldo issues statement re: Yonkers' antibody requirement

June 18, 2020

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SOA of NY president Joe Faraldo has issued the following statement regarding Yonkers Raceway's requirement of a positive antibody test in order to race there. Here is the statement:
The SOA of NY is working very hard to get resolved  the “positive antibody“ requirement which is not imposed on other NYS harness tracks. We have done much research on the CDC guidelines that state that a positive antibody test, itself of questionable validity, is not to be used to prevent a person from returning to the workplace. With the Governor’s  allowance of racing to continue on June 1, NYS licensees are being denied their right to work.
 We have engaged many many friends, as well as professionals, for some time to help us effectuate a sensible change like that okayed, at all other NYS tracks.
Finally, I attended the qualifiers and my observation from the post draw sheets indicated that only  49 percent of those intending to qualify at Yonkers were able to use the rights inherent in their licenses and qualify either because the trainers or their employees did not have the necessary positive antibodies to gain access to the paddock. This shows the devastating effect this positive antibody requirement is currently having on Yonkers’ ability to conduct racing  and that will be more and more evident as the PA. tracks open soon.
Our work continues to gain consensus as soon a possible with Yonkers MGM Inc and the NYS Gaming  Commission. We will keep you posted. (SOA of NY)
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