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Finley's take: racing told to "drop dead"

July 23, 2010

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Writer Bill Finley, in a column published Thursday (July 22) on espn.com, sums up the report of New Jersey's special advisory committee on entertainment, sports and gaming, and he sums up the committee's treatment of horse racing with this observation: "A portion of the press release on the commission's report carries the headline `Creation of a Sustainable Industry Structure to Preserve Live Horse Racing.' Don't believe a word of it. This is all about taking care of Atlantic City, and nothing else."
The headline on Finley's column is "Commission to N.J. racing: Drop dead," and Finley says what most inside racing believe--that the committee was all about saving Atlantic City and even cutting out horse racing so one day they can move into the North Jersey market without having to share any proceeds with horse racing.
To read Finley's entire column, Click here.
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