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Fives are fabulous for Meadowlands' faithful

October 08, 2020

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Fives have been wild of late at the Meadowlands, as some of the biggest payouts have come in a pair of low-minimum bets at the mile oval.

The 10-cent Pentafecta, which requires one to correctly select the first five finishers in a given race, replaced the 20-cent based “jackpot” version, and has returned great dividends to players, as has the 20-cent Pick-5. Both wagers now give bettors two chances every night to make a score.

Last weekend’s (Oct. 2-3) Pentafectas left winning players with big smiles. On Friday, the race five return was $736 before Race 13 saw bettors walk away with $507, despite the race being won by the 8-5 favorite.

Saturday’s fifth race came back a whopping $2,799 before the 13th capped the weekend with a payoff of $991. The average payout for the wager with the low 15 percent takeout was $1,258 for a miniscule 10-cent investment.

Friday’s Early 20-cent Pick-5 (races one through five) brought the weekend’s biggest payoff, as one sharp handicapper raked the pool, cashing in for $35,516. The odds of the horses during the sequence were 5-2, 11-1, 11-1, 3-1 and 7-1. Given how wide tickets can be “spread” with the low 20-cent minimum, that was a handsome payoff to be sure. The second Pick-5 is offered every night on races nine through 13.

“Value is so important in the racing industry,” said Big M chief operating officer and general manager Jason Settlemoir. “And you need liquidity in the pools to help create that value. The Saturday Pentafecta paid out at odds of almost 28,000-1. The Friday Pick-5 paid out at more than 177,000-1. That’s incredible value, and at The Meadowlands or any other racetrack, fair value will always draw horseplayers.”

The drivers in the GSY (Gural Settlemoir Yarock) Series may not include names that are as famous as those that sit at or near the top of the Big M standings, but that did not stop the public from betting those races with vigor.

The first race Friday night saw a total handle of $231,871, good for the highest pool of the night at the track as well as the entire country, before $177,887 was pushed through the windows in the third race, meaning that the members of the driving club saw over $400,000 in action on their races.

At the end of the weekend, total handle on the 26 Meadowlands dashes was just short of $5 million.

“The Meadowlands low 15 per cent takeouts and competitive mile-track racing,” said Settlemoir. “Create pools that tantalize players around the world with something that most other tracks cannot offer.” (Meadowlands)

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