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French trainer Souloy suspended 15 years

June 21, 2017

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The Norwegian trotting regulatory authorities have recommended suspending French trainer Fabrice Souloy 15 years and fined him 500,000 Norwegian crowns (approximately $58,000) for positive tests with his horses Your Highness, Un Mec d'Herpire, Lionel and Timone EK.
North American trotting fans should know Souloy as the trainer of the flashy Commander Crowe, winner of the 2014 Breeders Crown Open Trot at the Meadowlands.
On June 12, 2016, the above named horses were tested after competing at the Bjerke track. The tests showed high levels of cobalt. A second test, performed in France, confirmed the results. Swedish trotting officials then had the sample from Un Mec d'Herpire taken following his Elitlopp appearance tested and it too was positive. A normal horse would have less than one-hundredth of the cobalt found in the system of Un Mec d'Herpire in the Oslo Grand Prix at Bjerke.
According to Sweden's Trav Ronden publication, Norwegian and Swedish trotting authorities worked jointly on the case against Souloy, although only Norway's penalty has thus far been announced.
Also according to Trav Ronden, Norwegian authorities demanded a lifetime ban of Souloy from trotting. But a committee of judges said that a lifetime ban was for the most serious violation and it concluded Souloy the lesser penalty was for a doping violation.

The suspension means Souloy cannot hold a license or participate in the training of horses. Once the official ruling is posted, Souloy has 14 days to appeal. Trotting officials in Norway and Sweden also noted that they are hopeful all European trotting authorities will honor the suspension and also be vigilent to make sure Souloy is not training horses behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Swedish trotting authorities are expected to announce their decision on Souloy's high cobalt with Un Mec d'Herpire in the Elitlopp in two weeks.
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