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Gregory plagued with pox

July 14, 2004

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Leading New York Sire Stakes driver Jeff Gregory has been missing from action since the Fourth of July weekend at Goshen. Gregory came down with an unfortunate case of varicella zoster, also known as chicken pox.

Typically, most people infected with the virus are under the age 15 and the most common time of year for chicken pox is during the winter or early spring. But for Gregory, 37, his chicken pox came during the height of racing season.

"I wasn't feeling well Sunday at Goshen," Gregory explained. "I felt like I was catching a cold. Monday and Tuesday I had a high fever and they started breaking out, then on Wednesday and Thursday I was covered.

"I don't even know how I got them," Gregory added. "But I guess it's a lot tougher when you're an adult."

Gregory was scheduled to drive at the Meadowlands this Friday night, but perhaps because of his 10-day hiatus, he instead opted for a race-filled weekend in New York.

"I'll be racing at Yonkers on Saturday afternoon, Saratoga that night to race in the Sire Stakes, then I'm going to Monticello on Sunday afternoon," he said.
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