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Hernia surgery for Cam's Card Shark

April 26, 2012

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Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky, farm manager for Hanover Shoe Farms, told harnessracing.com Thursday morning that the 21-year-old stallion Cam's Card Shark has recovered well from scrotal hernia surgery on April 17 that resulted in his right testicle and several feet of small intestine removed and the end of his 2012 breeding season.

"He's doing well and he'll be home before lunch today,” said Dr. Jablonsky.

Cam's Card Shark, the 1994 Horse of the Year, had stood his entire career in New Jersey before being moved to Pennsylvania for the 2012 season. Dr. Jablonsky said she is optimistic that Cam's Card Shark will have a full recovery and return to breed in 2013.

"He's doing really well short-term, but long-term, whenever you take out intestine there could be problems,” she said. "But he's 21 years old, so long-term for him may not even be an issue. We're very optimistic that he is going to have a good recovery from the surgery and that he is going to be breeding mares next year.”

Over his career, Cam's Card Shark has sired 1,275 starters, with total earnings of more than $120 million.

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