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Ledford 5 hearing held

July 27, 2006

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An administrative law hearing was held Wednesday in New Jersey with respect to the suspensions of driver Eric Ledford, trainer Seldon Ledford, stable assistants Ryan and Ardena Dailey and veterinarian Dr. John Witmer, and attorneys for the five have publicly stated they expect the penalties to be thrown out and the five reinstated.

Judge Dennis Blake will reportedly make his recommendation to the New Jersey Racing Commission some time next week. The commission has 45 days in which it can either reject, modify or accept the recommendation.

The Ledfords each received a 10 1/2-year suspension as a result of findings of an 18-month long investigation into blood-doping of horses. The Daileys received suspensions of eight years each and Witmer received a seven-year suspension. The five were all arrested March 31 by New Jersey State Police on race-fixing charges after a raid on the Ledford barn at Showplace Farms and the Dailey home.

One lawyer for those charged said the penalties imposed were \"a complete denial of due process.\"
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