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Ledford hearing concludes

April 07, 2006

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According to reports, Thursday's New Jersey Racing Commission hearing regarding the recent raid on the Seldon Ledford Stable at Showplace revealed that blood-doping drugs were stowed in assistant trainer Ryan Dailey's house and in a garage refrigerator and that Dailey told him that Ledford had given them to him more than a year ago and told him to "hold onto it for when you need it."

The statements were given by lead detective Sgt. Brice Cote. Cote also said that a search of an SUV parked in front of Dailey's house contained a shockwave therapy machine and an electric cattle prod.

Dailey, his wife Ardena, veterinarian Dr. John Witmer, and Ledford's son, driver Eric Ledford, were all arrested in connection to the case. The Commission, which has already indefinitely suspended the licenses of all the horsemen involved, concluded its hearing on Thursday and will announce in the coming week any further sanctions.

Neither Ledford attended the hearing and were represented by a lawyer. The Daileys and Witmer, on the advice of their attorneys, refused to answer questions due to the criminal proceedings.

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