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Lexington landmark burns

May 11, 2004

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A castle that was a Lexington, Ky., landmark for decades burned in a spectacular fire Monday night (May 10). The castle, located at the corner of Pisgah Pike and Versailles Rd. west of the city, was not far from Brittany Farms.

In fact, Brittany Farms foreman Dale Logan told the Lexington Herald-Leader that they didn't see flames shooting out of the building until 8:20 p.m. "We saw all this cloud of smoke just rolling," Logan's wife, Patty, told the newspaper.

Firefighters had no immediate cause for the blaze, but said it could have been caused by lightning.

Construction on the castle began in 1969, but the property largely stood unused. When the owner died last year, a Miami lawyer who was a native of Lexington purchased it for $1.8 million.
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