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Lincoln Chafee wins RI governor race

November 03, 2010

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Lincoln D. Chafee, a former blacksmith of Standardbreds at Pompano Park who became a senator from Rhode Island, won his bid to become Rhode Island’s first independent governor, taking the office his father, the late John H. Chafee, held in the 1960s. Chafee eked out a victory over Republican John F. Robitaille. Chafee spoke at the 2002 Harness Racing Congress and received the 2003 U.S. Harness Writers' Association W.R. Haughton Good Guy award.
The report in the Providence Journal newspaper said that with his family at his side, Chafee, who ran as an independent, told a cheering throng that: “Ultimately, what this election was about was honesty, the honesty to say how we are going to pay for a civil society and a public education system, and a civil society means a fair safety net, humane prisons, clean parks, good roads and bridges, swift and fair judicial proceedings and yes, no seven-hour waits at the DMV.”
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