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Malek Hanover owner Allison Derrah dies

January 15, 2010

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He got to see his horse Malek Hanover race--for the second time--at the Meadowlands Thursday night. However, 54-year-old Allison Derrah died around noon on Friday, Jan. 15, in his hospital bed in New Brunswick, Canada.
Trainer Bo Sowers, who handled six horses for Mr. Derrah and was one of his best friends, said, "Myself and Allison wanted to thank everyone at the Meadowlands and everyone in the industry for recognizing him and his horse. We are so appreciative. He loved the story about him and the horse. Last night, he watched the horse race on the computer. Soon after he started feeling worse.
"He gathered us around and told us that this was it. He wasn't responsive after that and died right around 12 noon today. A wonderful man--good all the way."
Mr. Derrah had been in the hospital since Dec. 22 with the advanced stages of lung cancer. For the past three seasons, he had entered the world of harness racing as an owner after a 35-year career milking Holstein cows. (Meadowlands)
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