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Meadowlands reminder on stakes requirements

February 20, 2018

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The Meadowlands wishes to remind the owners of horses nominated to 2018 stakes of the new language in place regarding approved trainers that was made public in a Feb. 1 press release.
The new language may be found in all Meadowlands stakes conditions under the "Rules" heading and states:
"Any horse nominated to any Meadowlands stakes/event must be in the care of an approved trainer by April 15, 2018 for any stake/event raced during the month of May and by May 15 for all other 2018 stakes/events. Nominator also agrees that any horse paid into any 2018 Meadowlands stake/event may be required to be stabled at an approved facility in a state that agrees to cooperate in an Out Of Competition Testing (OOCT) protocol; an approved for up to 14 days facility within a 150 mile radius of The Meadowlands or the Tioga or Vernon Downs stable area by the date set by The Meadowlands for that stake/event for the purpose of OOCT. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in any agreement created by the acceptance of any stakes payment to be declared void at the discretion of The Meadowlands rendering the horse(s) in question ineligible to race in those stakes/events with no liability to The Meadowlands and no assurance of a refund of payments previously made to the stake/event in question."
Questions may be directed to the Racing Office at (201) 842-5130. (Meadowlands)
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