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Mighty M muddy five-bagger for Dobson

January 24, 2012

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The warm weather in the Northeast this year has presented some strange winter days. A lack of any significant snow and an increase of rain has made just driving over the muddy racetrack at Monticello Raceway on Monday a task in itself.
With soft rain steadily falling negotiating around the racetrack and seeing exactly where one was going called for strict concentration to the business at hand.  But harness drivers are pros and they rise to any occasion.
Take Billy Dobson for instance. He barely had time to clear the mud from his eyes between the 10 races that he was programmed to drive, and although the going was extra tough Dobson remarkably  reined five winners on the card.
In his first start Dobson finished fifth but he then won the next two races. He won the third with Danielle Dailey’s Oh I Wish in 2:04.1 and then the fourth behind Durazzano Stables Flak Jacket N in 2:03.1. After a few more races where he was off the board Dobson stuck again with Jeff Pocaro’s Rick’s Jackpot in 1:59.3 in the ninth race.
After a second-lace finish in the11th,Dobson then won the final two races on the card. He won the 12th with Sherif Cunmulaj’s Honor The Cash in 2:04.3 and then copped the 13th with a come-from-ehind charge in 2:02 with Al Annunziata’s Fox Valley Michael.
“Hey, it was no pleasure to be driving today. The racetrack was a muddy mess and with the water on the surface the mud was flying and it was really hard to see where you were going,” Dobson said. “But if you want to drive horses for a living you must take the bad with the good.”
At this same time last year Dobson was challenging for leading driver honors here at Monticello Raceway and he stated that he wanted to be the leading driver during the 2011 season at the Mighty M. And he might have been if he stayed, but when Saratoga Raceway opened Dobson moved his base of operationsthere and won that track' driving title. (Monticello)
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