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Napolitanos in PPK spill

December 14, 2004

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An accident in Pompano Park's 10th race Monday night sent the Napolitano brothers to the racetrack.

Our Personal Girl and driver Anthony Napolitano had the lead coming down the stretch and made a break. Our Personal Girl then went down on the track and Napolitano was able to roll out of the way of the oncoming horses and escaped with only minor scrapes and abrasions.

Anthony's older brother, George Naplitano Jr., was not so lucky. Following Our Personal Girl down the stretch, George was unable steer Cover Cadet out of the way and his right sulky wheel hit the legs of Our Personal Girl. George was thrown out of the sulky and dragged on the track.

George was taken to North Broward Medical Center for treatment. Anthony was able to return and drive in the very next race. Both horses escaped without any serious injuries.
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