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New medication policies now effective in Kentucky

August 25, 2020

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New medication regulations have gone through the legislative process in Kentucky and are now effective as law. Veterinarian Andy Roberts, DVM, discussion the impending changes last week in HarnessRacing Weekend Preview.
The new regulations include: a 48-hour NSAID restriction and ban on stacking; a 14-day stand-down on intra-articular corticosteroid injections and the ban on stacking; a 24-hour restriction on furosemide administration for 2-year-olds; a  ban on bisphosphonate use in horses under 4 years old; a restriction on race day use of electronic therapeutics; and medical history and veterinary examination requirements for entry.
Along with the notice, updated withdrawal and threshold guidelines from the KHRC that are part of the new regulations may be read by clicking here.
Any questions should be directed to Bruce A. Howard DVM at 502-338-3730 or by email at bruce.howard@ky.gov.
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