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New Jersey suspends Brooks family, stables

February 03, 2010

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The New Jersey Racing Commission issued rulings on February 2, 2010, barring four individuals and five stables connected to the current trial of David H. Brooks. The Commission ruled:
“Consistent with recent actions taken by the Ontario Racing Commission and the United States Trotting Association against the licenses of the following individuals and entities, and pursuant to the requirements of NJAC 13:71 -1.10, which mandates that full force and effect shall be given to the denial, revocation or suspension of any license by any other racing commission or turf governing body, it is herby ordered that the license privileges of these individuals and entities are hereby suspended:”

Those denied access to all grounds under the jurisdiction of the NJRC are:
Andrew S. Brooks
Jeffrey R. Brooks
Terry S. Brooks
Victoria S. Brooks
Bulletproof Enterprises
Goldfinger Enterprises
Perfect World Enterprises
Seize the Day Enterprises
VAE Enterprises LLC
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