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No Lasix for Muscleman

April 05, 2005

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According to reports from the Meadowlands, Mr. Muscleman will not be racing on Salix (the bleeder medication formerly known as Lasix) when he competes in the Su Mac Lad final at the Meadowlands Sunday.

The change appears to be to prepare the horse for a possible start in the Elitlopp in Sweden next month. However, Mr. Muscleman must first be invited to the Elitlopp, and there is speculation regarding whether or not that will happen.

Some Scandinavian trotting observers believe the Elitlopp sponsors will pass on inviting Mr. Muscleman because of the recent allegations against the horse's trainer, Noel Daley. Daley had a blood-gas machine positive with a horse at the Meadowlands and a raid of his barn found unidentified substances. Swedish officials are reportedly concerned that the allegations could prompt the Swedish press to run negative stories about racing.

As for Mr. Muscleman's upcoming start in the Su Mac Lad final, the horse's regular driver, Ron Pierce, had this to offer: "He's not as fit as he'll be in two to three races, but he's come back better than ever."
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