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Ontario suspends, freezes, all Brooks-related entities

January 28, 2010

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On Thursday, the Director of the Ontario Racing Commission ordered the immediate suspension of the ORC licenses of the following individuals: Terry S. Brooks, Jeffrey R. Brooks, Andrew S. Brooks, Victoria S. Brooks. The Director also suspended the ORC licenses of the following stables: Perfect World Enterprises, Bulletproof Enterprises, Goldfinger Enterprises, Seize the Day Industries, VAE LLC.
In addition, with the issuance of Ruling SB 14/2010, all racetracks are ordered to hold, freeze, and maintain all funds, purse accounts or monies related to the above-named individuals and entities, pending the completion of an ORC investigation.
Pursuant to Section 18(3) of the Racing Commission Act, 2000 the above named individuals and entities have been ordered to pay the reasonable costs of the due diligence investigation.
One of the conditions of the immediate suspensions is that any horse owned by the above-mentioned individuals and the related stables cannot be transferred to new ownership without the written permission of the ORC.

The Ontario Racing Commission acts in the public interest to govern, direct, control and regulate the horse racing industry in Ontario and to ensure public confidence in the honesty and integrity of the industry. Those who hold ORC licenses are expected to act in accordance with this mandate. (ORC)

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