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Pa. harness commission reviewing license process

July 17, 2007

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled two weeks ago that the state’s harness racing commission correctly rejected two original applications for the lone harness racing license still available in the state, which has now led the commission into looking into how it will proceed with the process. Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission executive director Anton Leppler told harnessracing.com Tuesday morning that until the commission’s attorneys review the Supreme Court ruling, things will remain at a standstill.


“At the present time we are not taking any applications,” said Leppler. “The attorneys are reviewing the court order and we are going to set a road map, but whatever that road map is, it’s a little too premature at the present time to make any comments on how we are going to do or what we are going to do.”


What is being reviewed by the attorneys is whether or not the two rejected applications-—from Bedford Downs and Valley View Downs—-can be re-submitted, and if so, are they the only two eligible to make a new application or can new applications be accepted.


“They are analyzing the court’s direction and order, and once they get that completed we will sit down and talk about it with the commissioners and see which way they want to go,” said Leppler. “There is nothing we will be doing until the attorneys get back to us and give us the legal advice that is necessary and appropriate for this matter.”

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