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Palone Ranger now with Peck

November 14, 2006

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Palone Ranger\'s sophomore season was derailed following the New Jersey Classic earlier this year after being diagnosed with a heart murmur caused by a virus, and the future of one of 2005\'s leading 2 year olds is still up in the air. Palone Ranger returned to the races in early September, and has had two seconds, a third and two fourths in his five starts since.

“We really don’t know what will happen with him,” said Perretti Farms\' Bob Marks. “He is just going to have to show us what he can do, whether to plan for a big 4-year-old season or try to find something else.\"

Marks said even a trainer change suggested by conditioner Chris Ryder was made.

“After he came back from New Bolton, he raced a few times without too much success. (Trainer) Chris Ryder suggested we let somebody else try working with him to see if they would have any luck,\" said Marks. \"Greg Peck also trains for us, so we gave him to him. His plan was to take his time and see if he could maybe race in the Rooney. But with all the furor over that race and when and where it was going to be raced, we didn’t go in it. We should have because that’s the first anonymous half-million dollar race I’ve ever seen.\"

Instead of racing in the Rooney, Peck worked Palone Ranger out for the judges at Freehold on Saturday, Nov. 11.

\"Instead he had an official workout and went well. He had no problems going in 1:56.2, but that’s enough in the big races,\" said Marks. \"We may go ahead and put him in the Messenger (eliminations at Yonkers Raceway this Saturday if needed) if that is actually going to go. We’ll just let him tell us. It’s a shame because he was a great 2 year old.”
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