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Pierce won't be able to take suspension of convenience

December 02, 2009

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Kentucky Horse Racing Commission deputy executive director Marc Guilfoil told harnessracing.com Wednesday morning that driver Ron Pierce’s comments printed in the Nov. 25 issue of The Horseman regarding the dropping the appeal of a 10-day suspension and using that time to go skiing in the western United States are not accurate, and Pierce’s intentions will be blocked.
“I am confident that the racing commission, in looking at Mr. Pierce’s appeal, won’t make his suspension that convenient to him,” said Guilfoil.
Pierce received the suspension in late September as a result of a violation of the whipping rule in a race during the first week of the Grand Circuit meet at The Red Mile. He immediately appealed the sanction, which allowed him to continue to drive.
In the Nov. 25 Horseman, Pierce stated, “Since I have those days, I am going to go on vacation and do some extreme skiing in the Rockies in northern Montana where they take you up on a helicopter and drop you off.”
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