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Pompano Park puts restriction on horses from Rockingham Park

August 05, 2008

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Until further notice, any horse that has been stabled or has raced at Rockingham Park since June 1, 2008, cannot ship to or race at Pompano Park unless a Guttural Pouch Culture & Sensitivity Test has been submitted and approved by track management.


The cost is about $150 per horse, but is the best test to show that a horse does not have the virus or if it is a carrier of the disease. The PCR test can actually be too sensitive and show dead bacteria and give a false reading....Thus any PCR Test will not be accepted!


Under these conditions horses from Rockingham Park will be allowed on the grounds of Pompano Park.


This test has been agreed to as the best means to insure that Strangles is not brought back to our stable area. Track veterinarians and the head veterinarian of the Florida United States Department of Agriculture are in total agreement with the policy.


Test results must be submitted to the Stable Superintendent or to the race office and approval given before any horse(s) may come on the grounds. Please call the Stable Superintendent or race office for additional information at 954-972-2000. (Pompano Park)

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