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Posts available for Fan Hanover, plus 3YO trots

June 20, 2010

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With the eliminations for the rich North America Cup, Fan Hanover Stakes, Elegantimage and Goodtimes in the books, the fields are set for next Saturday's big night of racing at Mohawk Racetrack. The draw for post positions for the North America Cup will take place on Tuesday, but the draws for the Goodtimes, Fan Hanover and Elegantimage have been held and post positions are available, as well as post times for all of the stakes.
In the Fan Hanover Stakes final, worth $666,000(Canadian), the top fillies Fancy Filly and Put On A Show will square off in their first match up since last fall's Breeder's Crown, when Fancy Filly prevailed. Fancy Filly drew post three and will start inside of Put On A Show (post five). The complete fields, and the draws that are available, follow:
Goodtimes Trot Final--$387,000
Post Time: 8:16 pm, June 26
1--Call The Warden—D. Miller/J. Arledge Jr.
2-Sing Jesse Sing—J. Jamieson/R. Burke
3--Jetblue Volo—T. Tetrick/A. Lorentzon
4--Text Me—Ra. Waples/R. McIntosh
5--Adrion Dream--P. MacDonell/P. Henriksen
6--Priority Photo—T. Smedshammer/T. Smedshammer
7--Look Closer—P. MacDonell/P. Wellwood
8--Southwind Wrangler—D. Miller/T. Hagmann
9--Rock Hollywood—T. Ritchie/T. Hagmann
10--Windsun Galaxie—S. Filion/C. Milner
AE1 Sailaway Dream—T. Tetrick/A. Lorentzon 
Fan Hanover Stakes Final--$666,000
Post Time: 8:41 pm, June 26
1--Bay Girl—D. Miller/C. Coleman
2--Rock N Soul—D. Palone/M. Harder
3--Fancy Filly—B. Sears/G. Teague Jr.
4--A And Gs Princess—Y. Gingras/M. Capone
5--Put On A Show—T. Tetrick/C. Ryder
6—Brushstrokes—M. Whelan/W. Whelan
7--Windsong Grand Ave—J. Jamieson/S. Robinson
8--Western Silk—Ma. Macdonald/C. Coleman
9--Ticket To Rock—P. MacDonell/J. Darling
10—Panagler—S. Condren/R. McIntosh
AE1 A Pippin Hanover—S. Filion/K. Di Cenzo
FINALISTS--Pepsi North America Cup--$1.5 million
Post Time: 9:40 pm, June 26
All Speed Hanover--Mike Vanderkemp
Art Professor--Steve Elliott
Delmarvalous--Brenda Teague
Fred And Ginger--Ron Burke
Kyle Major--Shawn Robinson
One More Laugh--Ray Schnittker
Piece Of The Rock--Bob Young
Rock N Roll Heaven--Bruce Saunders
Sportswriter--Casie Coleman
We Will See--Cosmo De Pinto
AE1 Stonebridge Tonic-Gregg McNair          
Elegantimage Stakes Final--$557,000
Post time: 10:28 pm, June 26
1--Emmylou Who--Lyle MacArthur/L. MacArthur
2--Ultimate Cameron—T. Ritchie/R. Stewart
3--Poof Shes Gone—D. Miller/R. Norman
4—Ipromisenottotell—Ph. Hudon/J. Hudon Jr.
5--Action Broadway—B. Miller/V. Morgan Jr.
6--Jesses Messenger—J. Jamieson/K. Sherman
7--Bar Slide—T. Ritchie/B. Maxwell
8--Bone A Fide—Y. Gingras/R. Burke
9--Bramalea Hanover—S. Condren/R. McIntosh
10--Random Destiny—R. Rekila/R. Rekila
AE1 Oaklea Samantha                                    

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