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Purses approved for 2020 Kentucky Sires Stakes

January 14, 2020

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The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) has approved purse distributions for the 2020 Kentucky Sires Stakes (KYSS), supporting the recommendations made by the Kentucky Standardbred Development Fund and Kentucky Breeders’ Incentive Fund Advisory Panel. 

The purse distributions will consist of two series as well as funding for up to seven county fairs. The Commission, also under the recommendation of the Panel, approved purse allocations of $5,000 per division for each fair and $15,000 finals.  Kentucky County Fairs are to apply directly to the KHRC for consideration of harness racing in 2020. 

“This is an exciting and historic time to be racing in Kentucky,” said Panel chairman Kenneth A. Jackson. “To have two series to consider, both with exceptional purses, is remarkable for our Kentucky-bred horses and horsemen.”

In order to be eligible for either series, the horse must have met all requirements outlined by administrative regulation, 810 KAR 7:040.  All races are held at The Red Mile in Lexington.

The Championship Series consists of three legs with a guaranteed purse of $40,000 and a final purse of $250,000. The Commonwealth Series consists of two legs with guaranteed purses of $20,000 and a final purse of $50,000.

Horses must declare a Series before the second leg of the Championship Series and the first leg of Commonwealth Series.  Once declared, a horse must stay in that Series.

The race dates for the Championship Series are as follows:

Leg 1: Aug.16 (Trotters); Aug. 17 (Pacers)
Leg 2: Aug. 24 (Trotters); Aug. 25 (Pacers)
Leg 3: Sept. 6 (Trotters); Sept. 7 (Pacers)
Championship Finals: Sept. 20

Leg 1: Aug. 18 (Trotters); Aug. 23 (Pacers)
Leg 2: Aug. 30 (Trotters); Sept. 1 (Pacers)
Leg 3: Sept. 8 (Trotters); Sept. 13 (Pacers)
Championship Finals: Sept. 20

Race dates for the Commonwealth Series are as follows:

Leg 1: Aug. 24 (Trotters); Aug. 25 (Pacers)
Leg 2: Sept. 6 (Trotters); Sept. 7 (Pacers)
Commonwealth Finals: Sept. 21

Leg 1: Aug. 30 (Trotters); Sept. 1 (Pacers)
Leg 2: Sept. 8 (Trotters); Sept. 13 (Pacers)
Commonwealth Finals: Sept. 21

There is a possibility that two of the Commonwealth Finals will be held on Championship Day, which is Sunday, Sept. 20.  For more information regarding the series, including entry fees, visit the website at http://khrc.ky.gov/Pages/default.aspx
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