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Raceway spill sends Jason Merriman to hospital

August 05, 2012

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Drivers Mark Headworth, Lindsy Moen and Ronnie Wrenn Jr. and Jason Merriman were involved in a racing accident in race 9 at Raceway Park on Sunday night. Headworth, Moen and Wrenn were checked out by Raceway Park's EMT staff and resumed driving. Merriman was transported to St. Vincent's Hospital in Toledo by the Toledo Fire/EMS Department. Merriman had severe lower back pain and pain in his left ankle. The extent of his injuries was not immediately known.
According to Raceway Park officials, the accident in race 9 occurred when the lead horse fell without warning during the stretch drive near the finish. This caused a chain reaction with trailing horses.
The four horses and drivers involved in the accident did not complete the race. All horses involved were examined by the track veterinarian, and the state veterinarian in the detention barn following the incident, and had minor surface injuries such as scrapes which were treated.

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