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Revenue returning home to Sweden

February 08, 2011

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Perretti Farms’ Bob Marks told harnessracing.com Tuesday morning that Revenue S, who has been standing stud in New Jersey since 2005, is en route back to his native Sweden where he will stand stud the remainder of his career. Revenue will stand at Brodda Stuteri in Sweden, where he originally stood before arriving in the United States.

From 315 registered foals in the U.S. while standing at Perretti, Revenue’s standouts on the racetrack include Break The Bank K 3, 1:51.3 ($1,011.365) and Hot Shot Blue Chip 1:51.3 ($433,377). The now 16-year-old Revenue is also the sire of the internationally-renowned trotter Reven D’Amour.

“Perhaps his lasting contribution will be the number of quality fillies he sired from prime American families and it will be interesting to note just how they’ll fare when crossed back the influx of outstanding young American stallion prospects,” Marks said in an email about Revenue. “While he may not have excelled ‘American style’ in the mass production of 2 and 3 year olds, those fillies carrying out his out-crossed blood might add an intriguing dimension down the road.”

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