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Searches held at Pocono

April 24, 2007

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Anton Leppler, executive secretary of the Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission, has announced that in an effort to further strengthen the Commission\'s integrity program ensuring a level playing field on the racetrack, several searches were carried out at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs by Commission Enforcement personnel, in cooperation with security personnel from Mohegan Sun, on Monday.


Loaded syringes and needles were found on multiple occasions during the inspection, Leppler added.


One licensee was suspended indefinitely, Leppler pointed out, and another licensee is scheduled to have a hearing before the Pocono judges.


\"Integrity\" is the watchword of the Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission, ensuring that everybody in racing is competing on a level field, and that patrons are watching and wagering on the best harness product possible. In addition to its extensive pre- and post-race testing, the Commission\'s TRIP - Trainer Responsibility Integrity Program - is being put into place to detect usage of illegal products early, before contamination is spread to the equine competitor. Another tactic to be introduced shortly is a large sign to be attached to stall doors in the stables, stating \"DO NOT ENTER - HORSE IS RACING TODAY!\", to make it easier to track personnel that do not belong in a racehorse\'s stall. (Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission)

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