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Sebastian K sidelined with injury

July 14, 2015

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Svandstedt Stable reported on its website on Monday, July 13, that the world champion trotter Sebastian K has suffered an injury that will keep him on the sidelines for an unknown period of time.
The post on the Svanstedt Stable website from trainer Ake Svanstedt reads as follows: "Sebastian K was amazing in his first race of the year but after his last workout home at the farm, we noticed a small pressure damage on his hind leg that came from a shin boot. The vet has checked him up with an ultrasound and it showed that there is little bleeding in the suspensory. I want to point out that the leg is not swollen and he is not lame. We are going to rehabilitate him as instructed by our veterinarian. I can not say today whether it will take 1, 2, 3 months or even more before he can race again. It is entirely up to how the injury heals. Really sad but I'm glad we noticed it in time."--Åke Svanstedt
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