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Shark bites horse

March 23, 2005

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Australian Associated Press has reported that a Standardbred who was being exercised in the Brisbane River by his trainer was bitten and then dragged underwater by a bull shark.

The date of the incident was not given but according to trainer Alan Treadwell, the 6-year-old gelding Glen-burns Arm suddenly "went over backwards and twisted and then all of a sudden he went berserk."

Treadwell said he tried pulling the horse up but the shark kept dragging him back. When he finally was able to get the horse completely upright, Treadwell said the horse "was just trembling and carrying on..."

The attack, which lasted only about 30 seconds, resulted in the horse having a "jaw mark," puncture wounds and leg bruising.

Treadwell added that he no longer trains his horses in the river, instead using a nearby dam. "It's a lot safer," he said.
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