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Start of race questioned

June 07, 2005

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The fallout from Saturday's controversial start in the Pacing Classic at Woodbine continues as owner Richard Banca Sr. has filed an appeal regarding the track stewards placing of his horse Life Source from second to 12th after driver George Brennan started out of position. Instead of starting from the trailing 12 post, Brennan--claiming afterward he had trouble holding the horse--left from the two slot on the gate, squeezing Daniel Dube and Eaton Road Kill into the back tier.

Eaton Road Kill eventually finished last, but was placed 11th after the disqualification of Life Source. The stewards decided to refund all monies wagered on Eaton Road Kill. Additionally, The Horseman has learned owner Gregg Pistochini is contemplating action since Eaton Road Kill's finish gained him only one point toward earning a spot in the Classic final, which is determined on a point basis.

Although Eaton Road Kill and Life Source were programmed with posts two and 12, respectively, the official chart of the race shows that Eaton Road Kill started from post 12 and has an interference mark, while Life Source shows having post position two.

"Both (Banca Sr. and Pistochini) called me and both had issues," Classic Series executive director Nick Salvi confirmed to The Horseman. "From the Classic Series point of view, we can't really respond or react until they go through the process. If they appeal it will be with the Ontario Racing Commission and we will deal with it when they make a decision."

Salvi pointed out that according to Classic Series conditions, both Eaton Road Kill and Life Source had official charted lines as starters in the race and as such both received one point toward their total points.

"The Classic Series conditions are clear as far as the point system," said. "Whatever the official order of finish is, ultimately will be how the points are allocated."

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