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St. Louis Jr.'s license revoked for 2 years

March 07, 2013

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Michigan-based horseman Marc St. Louis Jr. has had his occupational license revoked and deemed ineligible for licensing until February 2015 by the Michigan Gaming Control Board for violation of probation stemming from an earlier incident in which he was suspended one year following the death of a horse and then attempting to "conceal, tamper and destroy evidence…by improperly burning and burying the dead horse.”

St. Louis was originally suspended for one year in August 2009 for "conduct detrimental to the best interest of horse racing” when he "under oath, made false and misleading statements regarding the death of the horse Alex E Mel,” also admitting to the death, burning and burial of the horse. In a ruling dated Feb. 19, 2011, St. Louis was placed on probation, which included the stipulation that he only drive horses and not train.

Sources have told harnessracing.com that St. Louis was recently discovered training horses at Shiawassee Farm in Michigan. As a result, on Feb. 4 he had his license revoked by the Gaming Control Board, which then deemed him ineligible to be licensed until Feb. 15, 2015.

St. Louis, 24, who won the dash and earnings title at the last-ever meet at Windsor Raceway in 2012, also ranked among the leading drivers at the Michigan racetracks. He ranked 24th in North American with 381 victories, with purse earnings of $1,155,906.

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