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Sweet Lou, Trixton breedings available for SRF

March 12, 2018

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The Standardbred Retirement Foundation will hold an auction for one breeding to Sweet Lou and one to Trixton for the 2018 season.

The auction is on www.onGait.com and will open Wednesday (March 14) at 9 a.m. and close Thursday (March 15) at 8:30 p.m.

Funds raised will help with the expense of care for 351 trotters and pacers with SRF. Donations of breedings are tax-deductible and help rehabilitate, rescue, retrain, adopt and follow-up every adoption for life, as well as support SRF's Youth Programs.

New breeding donations are greatly appreciated and several are available for sale by contacting SRF at SRFHorsesandkids@adoptahorse.org. You can also call the office at 732.446.4422 or visit our website at www.AdoptaHorse.org to see an up-to-date listing of breedings available.

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