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Taylor issues statement about PETA press release

August 19, 2020

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Standardbred horse owner and Philadelphia attorney Howard Taylor has issued the following statement regarding PETA's Aug. 14 press release that disputed information Taylor shared about the recently settled case of Jeffrey Tretter v. Robert Bresnahan, Jr. And Bresnahan and J.L. Sadowsky, LLC. A bettor had charged that because a horse trained by Bresnahan had a positive out-of-competition test at the Meadowlands, the bettor was harmed. PETA's Aug. 14 press release also stated "This should be the first of many such lawsuits." Taylor's Aug. 20 statement is below.
"It is not often that I am willing to do battle through the media, especially on cases that have
been resolved. However, I apparently touched a nerve with my statement concerning the settlement of Tretter v. Bresnahan. I am honored that an attorney from a small Philadelphia law firm could force such a reaction from the Senior Vice-President of PETA, one of the largest organizations in the country. My response is as follows:
"What I said in my statement was not carefully worded or misleading. Ms. Guillermo was not
present during the negotiations and her response was not only inaccurate, but blatantly false.
It was not Mr. Tretter’s request that $7,500.00 be donated to a horse rescue charity from the
$20,000.00 settlement. Rather, it was our proposal that Mr. Tretter be paid $10,000.00 as a nuisance value settlement, with an additional $10,000.00 donated to an equine rescue charity. Mr. Tretter refused, and insisted on receiving no less than $12,500.00 with the remaining $7,5000.00 to be donated to the horse rescue charity. Thus, I guess it was technically Mr. Tretter’s request that $7,5000.00 be donated, but that was from the $10,000.00 proposed number that he insisted be reduced.
"Further, at no point was Mr. Tretter involved in any negotiation. In fact, when the Judge
insisted that the parties attend a Settlement Conference, Tretter’s attorneys inquired as to whether a representative of PETA must be present, instead of Tretter."
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