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Track trying to stay alive

June 08, 2004

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The Maryland Racing Commission was scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss an earlier commission decision that upheld the Maryland Jockey Club's position of withholding Thoroughbred simulcasts from Rosecroft Raceway.

The Maryland Jockey Club and Rosecroft had an 80-20 percent revenue sharing split which allowed Rosecroft to take Thoroughbred signals but then send 80 percent of the revenue to the Maryland tracks.

However, after legislation for slots in the state failed, the Maryland Jockey Club decided to reverse its position and has since blocked Rosecroft from taking any Thoroughbred simulcasts.

Although Rosecroft received only a small amount of the revenue generated by the simulcasts, the track needs the money desperately to survive.

Also, when the cross-breed simulcasting arrangement fell through, Northwood Racing, which now holds the mortgage on Rosecroft, froze the track's bank accounts. They maintain that their loan is now at risk. Cloverleaf Enterprises, which owns Rosecroft, obtained a temporary restraining order on June 4 and was going to court on Wednesday, June 9, to seek a permanent restraining order.
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