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Tristan Sjoberg knows horses, and gaming

October 23, 2015

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Tristan Sjoberg has become known as a guy who races trotters, most notably world champion Sebastian K, who he campaigned in partnership with his brother, Michael Knutsson. Sjoberg's first business, however, is the gaming world, and Global Gaming Business magazine has him appearing on the cover of its latest issue, with a feature story in which Sjoberg talks about the shift in gaming preferences.
Among Knutsson Holding's businesses is TCS John Huxley, with Sjoberg its executive chairman. Sjoberg discusses the advancements in table games to include features, developed by his company, that appeal to a younger demographic.

"The younger customer wants more interactivity,” he says. "I think the interactivity aspect, as well as the skill-based aspect, is what's driving this. People want to be recognized for their skill at various games,

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