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USTA District 1 meets, votes on rules changes

January 13, 2018

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Despite a snowstorm the night before, USTA District 1 conducted its annual membership meeting on Saturday at the Doubletree Hotel in Worthington, Ohio.

Led by director Don "Skip" Hoovler and directors Dan Ater and Dr. John Mossbarger, the members in attendance discussed and voted upon the 24 rule change and by-law proposals submitted by members, track officials and USTA Staff.

The entire list of rule change and by-law proposals may be found here

Results of the District 1 voting is as follows:

1. Accepted (sex and age allowances on claiming races)
2. Accepted as amended (elimination of head numbers)
3. Rejected (definition of a length)
4. Accepted as amended (breath analyzer requirements)
5. Accepted as amended (prohibition against illegal use of drugs)
6. Accepted (officials required at matinee races)
7. Rejected (revised track conditions and variants)
8. Accepted as amended (identifier/assistant paddock judge duties)
9. Accepted (racing/farm/stable/corporation names)
10. Rejected (postponement of races)
11. Accepted as amended (fair start pole)
12. Rejected (mandatory physical exam after incident)
13. Accepted (disorderly conduct language revisions)
14. Rejected (substitution of driver)
15. Accepted (World Trotting Conference whipping rules)
16. Rejected (line in each hand/whipping)
17. Accepted (talking on the track)
18. Accepted (reporting of gelded horses and spayed mares)
19. Accepted ("paper" trainer penalties)
20. Accepted as amended (pleasure horse registration)
21. Accepted (breeder of record)
22. Accepted (foal name restrictions)
23. Accepted (embryo transfer language)
24. Rejected (eliminate district meetings)

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